Dear Prospective Students…

I am so happy that you are here!

Online stringed instrument lessons via Skype will allow you to have personalized, one-on-one lessons with a real teacher anywhere high speed internet is available!

Lessons are available in the following increments at a minimum of once a week.

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes

To determine how long of a lesson will be the best for you or your child please contact me for your FREE consultation!

Online music lessons are ideal for:

  • individuals with busy schedules
  • individuals who travel often
  • individuals who wish to conserve fuel and travel time

Violin, viola and cello lessons via Skype are almost identical to lessons in which student and teacher are physically in the same room together. The student receives the same face to face personalized instruction covering:

  • tone quality
  • musicality
  • posture
  • performance practice
  • note reading
  • aural skills
  • music history

Listening and practice homework are assigned at every lesson. If questions arise throughout the week, I am just a Skype-call away!



Instructor Endorsement:

March 2012 154layerDear Prospective Student,

I have known Heidi and her family for over ten years. They are one of the most important reasons why I fell in love with America and Americans:  intelligent, supportive, generous, fun to be with, educated…

When I began to teach Heidi, her excitement, devotion, curiosity and attention to detail became evident.  She always wants to dig deep inside technical and musical issues. She is very organized. She has a beautiful heart and an incredible sense of music. She is easy going and easy to teach.

All of the qualities that make her a fabulous student also contribute to her success as an outstanding teacher. She is devoted to her students’ entire well-being. She tends to develop deep friendships with the families in her studio and yet still maintain professionalism.  She has a sincere desire to aid her students in any way that she can. She is not only devoted to the development of her students as musicians but also to the development of their character.

I am convinced that the reason her students love music and the violin is because of the kind of teacher that she is. Because of her love for her students, teaching and music, Heidi’s students are becoming a beautiful and important part of society.

Faina Podolnaya

Recipient, Ukraine Teacher of the Year Award
Director, Siskiyou Violins
Director, Youth Strings of Southern Oregon